Among the Living

Among the Living

I need your help.

Here, as a Christmas special offer, is my novel, Among the Living. Available as an ebook for Kindle and iPad and all that jazz. Just click this link: Among the Living.

What’s it about?

William Benson’s wife is dead, leaving him to bring up his young son alone. When he falls for wealthy, attractive and enigmatic Elizabeth Barlow he thinks his luck has turned. He’s wrong.

Elizabeth’s odd behaviour and a dark secret in her past make Will end the relationship. But Elizabeth comes back to attack him in his home, kidnap his son and disappear. Will thinks things cannot get worse. He’s wrong again. He tries to track them down and discovers Elizabeth’s past is darker than he ever imagined.

Early on, because not many people know it’s there yet, the book is available for a bargain price. This gives you the opportunity to help me out by reading it and reviewing it.

In fact, so confident am I that you will enjoy it that I will give it to you for free in return for your review. So if you don’t have a suitable device for reading the ebook, or you’d just like to have the story for free, let me know and I will send you a pdf copy. Send me an email at, and I’ll send you the book.

Happy reading, and thanks for your interest.


(p.s. I know we should be avoiding Amazon. But – for the sake of a struggling artist – one small exception….)


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