Vampires in Blackheath – Among the Living

angel among the living edited

It being the festive season, when there’s little on the TV except repeats, forgive me indulging in a reminder that my novel ‘Among the Living’ is available at a giveaway price.

If everyone who follows this blog were to read and review it, I would be an even happier boy than I already am.

You can find it as an ebook on Amazon. Here’s the link: Among the Living.

You can read it on Kindle, iPad, smartphone or even something old school like a PC.

What’s it about?

After his wife’s death William Benson struggles to cope with a high-pressure job and his five year old son. On the rebound, desperate for love and stability, he falls for wealthy, enigmatic Elizabeth Barlow. Early on, he is blind to her strange behavior and hints of a dark past. Shocking events on a holiday in Italy break up their relationship, but Benson can’t shake Elizabeth off and eventually she breaks in to his home and abducts his son.

Warned off involving the police, Benson sets out to trace Elizabeth and save his son. The search takes a bizarre turn as he discovers connections to a series of other women, stretching back over four centuries. Elizabeth has troubling similarities to these women from the past. To Benson’s horror, he has to face the possibility that they are in fact the same woman; from Elizabeth Barlow, through Eliza Batho, mistress of the British Prime Minister in World War One, and finally back to one of history’s genuine monsters, Countess Elizabeth Bathory. A woman reputed to have murdered hundreds of people for their blood, using witchcraft to prolong her life. A woman who has kidnapped Benson’s son.

Happy reading, and happy new year.


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