Jamie’s Chair – Dark Eclipse 31 out now

One of the pleasures of writing, as I do, in something of a niche genre is delving into the weird and wonderful world of small-press magazines.

Dark Eclipse 31

I write horror and ghost stories. There, I said it. Out of the fiction-writer’s closet. When you write this kind of stuff it’s a bit like having an embarrassing but not life-threatening medical condition: most people don’t understand why you’re so preoccupied with it, and wonder whether getting involved in other activities might be healthier (as well as maybe more lucrative), but you can’t help it. It’s always on your mind, and sometimes you fail to spot people’s eyes glazing over when you talk about it.

Anyway, one of the pleasures of this sad existence is delving into the richly varied world of small-press magazines. Without which genre fiction would struggle to survive.

So hats off this week to the fine people who run Dark Moon Books, producers of Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse, a monthly horror e-zine. And thanks for not only publishing my ghost story Jamie’s Chair once, but re-publishing it this month after the original publication suffered a glitch in formatting.

If you like being scared and creeped out, check out the magazine. The latest issue can be found here: Dark Eclipse 31.


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