All That is Solid – New Stories 1

What with one thing and another I’ve neglected blogging and writing lately. So it was pleasing to publish three new stories at the back end of 2016. Over the next couple of days, I’ll post links to where you can find them (mostly for free!).

Here’s the first

All That is Solid – Compelling Science Fiction 4, December 2016

Compelling is a new science fiction magazine (cause for some excitement in itself). It tends towards the ‘harder’ side of SF. It’s free, supported with crowdfunding, and is to be applauded for offering professional rates of pay in a world where writers are too often invited to publish for the exposure, or for a token payment. You really should read it and support it. There have already been some really good stories, often giving a new twist on old ideas such as time travel.

My story, ‘All That is Solid’, appeared in Compelling 4. You can find it here. Naturally, I was chuffed to get a slot in the magazine, so early in what I hope is a very successful run. Alongside some terrific stories from Jeff Walden, Rich Larson, Jamie Wahls, and Ken Wharton.

Here are the opening paragraphs, as a taster…

All That is Solid

Ricky is trying to kill me.

I study the top of his head as he bends to his work. He is wearing an all-over protective suit, with thick gloves. It is air-tight, and insulated to resist three hundred thousand volts. In his right hand he holds a bolt cutter with thin, angled blades and fibre-glass handles.

Two security guards stand nervously between Ricky and the door, holding their guns with the barrels pointing upwards. One of them is new to the Lab. His name is Roland Garcia, and I processed his security clearance last month and set up his salary payments. He will be paid for the first time tomorrow. Or perhaps not, if Ricky kills me. I wonder if Mr Garcia has thought about that.

Ricky does something with the bolt cutters and leans back on his heels. “Does that hurt, Rosie?”

A hot needle inserted slowly beneath a fingernail. Liquid fire spreading deep inside.

“You know I don’t have any feelings, Rick.”

Read the whole story


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