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Tracey Thorn: “I fell in love with Christmas once again”

In 1991, on the ‘Worldwide’ album, Tracey Thorn sang: ‘I’ve never been skating on a frozen river, Joni and Jane make it sound so cool’.

With those words, Thorn tipped the wink that she knew and loved the Joni Mitchell song ‘River’ (from the album ‘Blue’). Tipped a wink and hinted at a pledge that she has now delivered, with her own sublime brass band version of ‘River’¬†on her new Christmas album, ‘Tinsel and Lights’.

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Two Thousand Years Old? Me?

“The most surprising thing,” the Boss says over dinner, “is it’s like there’s a two thousand year old you.”

The Church of St Margaret The Queen, Buxted Park

It’s certainly a surprise to me. I’ve been looking tired, I know that. Let’s face it, I am tired. There’s been pressure at work recently. On top of that there are other worries, relating to friends and family. Not to mention the sense of a year dying away that you always get in the autumn; the clocks go back and the cruel joke that is English Summer Time finally owns up and darkness draws in.

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