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Fifty-One: Out now in the UK too.

2018-02-19 11.32.49I had an initial flurry of excitement when my time travel, love story, historical novel (really must settle on one genre in future) came out recently. It’s available through various channels – Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and so on.

But I’ve found that I’m embarrassingly old-school: it’s only when I see the actual, physical book – preferably in an actual, physical bookstore, among other lovely books – that I finally feel the book properly exists.

A reminder of what the book’s about:

Jacob Wesson is a timecop from 2040, sent back to 2nd World War London to stop the assassination of Winston Churchill. The assignment plays out with apparent ease, but the jump home goes wrong, stranding Jake in war-ravaged 1944. Jake’s team, including his long-time girlfriend, is desperate to trace him before something else goes wrong.

Stuck in the past, Jake must pull from his training and blend in. He clings to the one familiar face he can find, Amy Jenkins, a war widow whose life he saved during the assignment. Drawn to each other by their loneliness and thrown together amid the terror of war, Jake and Amy look to a future together.

But Jake’s future cannot let him go. And when his bosses finally find him in 1944, Jake faces a terrible choice: risk unraveling the modern world, or let Amy die.

To celebrate this moment when Fifty-One becomes fully available in the non-digital realm in the UK, I thought I’d bring together in one place all the ways you can now get it, should you choose to do so. Take your pick below:

Amazon UK (Kindle or paperback)

Amazon US (Kindle or paperback)

Google Play (ebook)

Waterstones (paperback)

(And, if you’re in the USA, consider doing independent publishing a favour, and ordering from … Filles Vertes Publishing ebook and paperback)

For me, there’s no substitute for finding books in bookstores, so I’ll be giving a plug on here to any stores where I spot it on sale.

In the meantime, watch the book trailer. (You’re going to want the sound on!).

And for more writing stuff, check out my website at

(Obviously, if all you’re interested in is tales of muddy walks in Cornwall, stay here!)



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Fifty-One – Publication date


While I’ve been taking a break from muddy cliff paths in Cornwall, it’s all been happening on my alter ego’s website

My long-promised time travel romance novel, Fifty-One, is to be published on Monday February 12th.


Cover credit: Kate Cowan – Broken Arrow Designs

Check out my website for more on the book, or stay here and enjoy the video trailer.

Watch the book trailer. (You’re going to want the sound on!)

PreOrder Fifty-One at Filles Vertes Publishing or Amazon

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