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Old Ways and Other Ways – 4 Things Learned From Famous Walkers

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Lewisham Hospital – Still Standing

Lewisham Victory ParadeOne piece of excellent news filtered through while I was away on holiday: the successful judicial review that has (so far, and at least temporarily) put a large spoke in the Government’s plans to buttress health services in Conservative-voting areas of suburban south-east London at the expense of a successful and thriving hospital in Labour-voting Lewisham.

Which gives me an excuse to publish again the picture of the lovely Laura and Max doing their bit for the cause.

2013-01-26 13.00.40I’ve written briefly about this before (see January 2013). The arguments remain valid now. For more information see the campaign website. I own up to a personal interest, having had two children brought into the world at┬áthe hospital, a broken leg healed and my wife’s life nearly lost and then saved.

So far so good. But those of us with experience of the way government departments operate would not assume that victory in this battle means the war is won. The Government may still choose to appeal, and legislation in England is usually drafted in a way that gives government ministers very wide discretion to do what they like, however unreasonable it looks to the average punter.

So by all means enjoy the Victory Parade on 14 September. But let’s keep our powder dry. And you can sign the petition to urge Jeremy Hunt to accept the wishes of the people and not appeal by going to the 38 Degrees website.

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