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Lovecraft, Ladywell…and the Void

“…the gulfs… Someday you too may traverse them, but if you are wise you will beware such folly, for of those mortals who have been and returned, only one preserves a mind unshattered by the pounding, clawing horrors of the void.”

HP Lovecraft – The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

Here in sunny Ladywell, south east London, we have been having streetscape improvements. They involve street closures and a lot of road and pavement digging. This has caused distress to those folks who like to use our local streets as a motorists’ rat run to avoid the horror that is the A2. It has caused less distress to those of us who like to walk in our neighbourhood without dodging white vans.

The works have taken longer than planned. Lewisham Council dutifully sent residents a helpful newsletter to keep us up to date with progress. In doing so, they unwittingly provided a clue to the links between Ladywell and the works of H P Lovecraft, one of the most influential (and weirdest) of Twentieth Century horror writers. Links that have until now been completely unsuspected.*

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PUSHING – new story

Another of my short stories has just been published, this time in Anotherealm – the online magazine of speculative fiction. The magazine is well worth exploring. After you have read my story – Pushing – of course.

Here is a link to the story and mag.

And here, to whet your appetite, is a taster of the story itself. Described by the magazine as a bit ‘edgier’ than most stories they publish:

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