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B RSONBL – Mrgncy Covr with no A and E mks no sns

2013-01-26 13.00.40My gorgeous wife Laura marched in support of Lewisham Hospital in her own unique way. As she does in all things. Max, who is with her in the photo, was gorgeous too.

I won’t go into the details of the campaign to save services at Lewisham Hospital. You can read about it at the campaign’s website here. Just two comments.

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Snow Time. Like the Present.

It happens once or twice a year, and it’s always glorious. The temperature drops and out of the dreary overcast of the normal British winter sky comes the snow.

Nothing special about snow, you might think. It’s winter, in the northern hemisphere, it snows. Get over it.

P1000305Well, call me parochial but there’s something special about snow in England, perhaps especially in London.

For a start, we don’t get much of it. When it comes, it’s always a surprise and a thrill.

Add to that the fact that we’re always thoroughly unprepared for it.

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2013 – At Least It Can’t Get Wetter


WHEN I was much younger, if I ever thought I would live to see such a far-distant time, I probably imagined 2013 would find me floating in a space station, sucking leftover Christmas dinner concentrate from tubes.

By 2013 technology would have conquered all. The weather – for those of us who might spend a bit of time on the planet’s surface – would always be whatever we wanted it to be. Sunny but not too hot during the day, raining only at night to water the abundant crops.

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